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Patent Family/Status/Assignee Searches

Patent family searches provide a listing of all patents for a given invention that claim the same priority date.

Cost: Starts at $100

Finding Status of Canadian Patents

While finding US and European patent status information is usually not a problem, discovering the exact status of patents in some countries can be a challenge. Like in the case of Canada, discovering the status of a Canadian patent or application may be time consuming, since INPADOC and Derwent databases do not provide reliable Canadian status information with patent family data. Moreover, CIPO provides limited status information service on the Canadian Patents Database. For questions related to CIPO's electronic services use their Information Request form or call (819) 997-1936.

Source for Canadian patent office status data

If you need a manual search of CIPO records to verify assignments and similar legal issues, you must hire a professional searcher. Joanne Grison will conduct such searches in patent, copyright, trademark and industrial design records. Her coordinates are:

Tel: 613-799-0958
Fax: 819-671-8506
Toll free: 1-877-884-4774
Email: grisonip@lincsat.com



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Last Updated: January 6, 2008