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Licensing Searches

This search involves finding entities with patent portfolios complimentary to the patent at hand, or with overlapping claims. This kind of research may involve searching across industries to discover new applications or uses for a technology. The objective is to locate companies who will take a license to a client's IP either under duress or under the belief the technology will be a valuable addition to their own. i.e. carrot vs. stick.

As an example, the University of British Columbia held several patents in the area of force feedback controllers, specifically directed to manipulator systems for excavators and heavy machinery. The patents languished on the shelf until they were licensed a few years ago to Immersion Corp. of California, who currently dominates the hot field of force feedback joysticks for video gaming.

Cost: $85/hour x 14-16 hours. $1190 to $1360 plus computer database charges.



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Last Updated: January 6, 2008