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Competitive Intelligence Searches

"The Winners of the game will be those who know the most, know it first, and are the quickest to turn knowledge into intelligence." -- Robert E. Flynn, Chairman and CEO Nutrasweet Co.

Is your organization using intellectual property data to its maximum advantage? Do you know where your competitors are going with their new technologies? In today’s global economy every company’s CEO makes critical decisions involving bids, proposals, mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate strategies. These decisions require timely and pertinent technical information.

To address these needs PATEX is offering a new service – a comprehensive technical competitive intelligence package customized to suit your organization’s technical intelligence needs. This product, designed specifically for Canadian companies or international companies operating or planning to operate in Canada, will provide your company with the actionable intelligence it needs to sharpen its decision making process and fuel its growth.Founded in 1986, PATEX has experience in consulting individuals and companies in the effective use of intellectual property. These services include:

Please contact us for further details.

Cost: $85/hour x 30-50 hours. $2550 to $4250 plus computer charges.



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Last Updated: January 6, 2008